How Data Entry Jobs Can Kick Start Your Career to Any Good Profile

Are you caught-up in confusion over what field to choose for career? Do you think having non-technical knowledge can do no harm to your career today? These queries are common puzzles for every fresher. Career ride should be kick-started with the right decision. And from brilliant to an average aspirant, data entry jobs can give their career a flying start. Polarity has been stuck to data entry. Commonly, people evoke a data entry operator as a demeaning job profile. They confine themselves in cabin. Their eyes stick to computer screen and fingers run on the keyboard of a computer. These are nothing but misconceptions.

Data entry is a cog in a machine for every business, company or industry. Breaking down of this cog can be the chief cause of putting up shutters. In USA, data processing employment was estimated 9,410 or 3.43% of the total employment. The mean hourly wage was anticipated $13.48 and if mean annual wage was projected it touched $28,040 in 2014.

Role of a Data Entry Operator:
How much expendable a business is, it completely depends on its data processing and management. From a big enterprise to a small book keeper, every domain demands data entry. Maintaining the records of invoices, bills receivables, cheque, payroll and many more records are duty bound to it. The growth of an economy, thereby, booms with the growing businesses of the country. Let’s have a look what miracles a professional data entry operator can do:
  • Data is stored in the machine faster than manual effort.
  • Accuracy criterion is met.
  • Skillfully handles the software applications.
  • Maximizes output in short span.
  • Prepares streamlined database
  • Workplace communication and office management seem not at all so tricky.
  • Runs down functions for calculations of millions in seconds.
  • Does bookkeeping and other financial transactions flawlessly for improving business.

Why formal knowledge of data entry is essential?
An expert and veteran professional is, indeed, the cream of the business’ crop. However, many companies’ rundown of data entry profile ask for ‘no educational degree’. They emphasize on ‘back office entry level jobs’. What’s the reason behind this conception? Their idea may be assuming it:
  • Just an entry work
  • Not so logical execution
  • Fetching data that does require a little bit of training which they provide
But having hired professionally sound operators for data entry work can be a jackpot as they:
  • Are reliable
  • Do digital entries rapidly
  • Accuracy seems at par
  • Maximize accountability
  • Trim bigger margins of profit
  • Are finely tuned with data entry models and techniques
  • Convert and transfer data in any file or format 
  • Adaptability to upgraded software
  • Long lasting growth through promotion
Steady Income for Sure!

Apart from permanent job, this field has a bundle of alternates ensuring income through freelancing data entries. Some of the websites and blogs, like, are opulent of the exclusive ideas. ‘Earning while learning’ is another aspect of it. Online data entry services through websites, like, assure INR 30,000 for the foretold jobs. And for this, the aspirants need not come to the office. It’s purely work at home. Catch the roundup of some of these best online data entry services:
  • Plain data entry
  • Survey forms
  • Captcha entry job
  • Form filling
  • Image to text
  • Re-formatting & correlation
  • Re-formatting data
  • Audio to text conversion
  • Medical transcriptions\
  • Captioning 


Online Opportunities:
Some blogs and websites, like, facilitate ‘Virtual Office Job’. Such blog stretch the wings of data entry executive to some other options. They can be blogger in which sharing their real time work experience and techniques can trigger raining of coins in their bank accounts. 

Offline Opportunities:
Offline jobs of it can be on-the-the job (permanent) and work from home. Experience speaks out louder. Fetching, compiling, managing and then, analyzing the data enrich one’s knowledge bank. And practice polishes his skills. Thus, promoting to data analyst and senior data analyst profiles can offer them plum jobs with lots of perks.