Why Setting-up Call Centers in India is Profitable?

Call Centers

Modern Scenario of Call Centers in India: 
Can you estimate why brain drain happens mostly from the Asian country? Why global eyes are set upon India? This country is rated as first. Call for outsourcing best call center services India and market research rings more often. It is a pool of outstanding talent in diverse fields. Thus, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan and other countries can only challenge but don’t win. Could you put on your thinking cap and guess some more reasons why India shares hot-seat in outsourcing call center services?  Catch few of these, if you too want to dig gold out of such services from here:

• Huge literate workforce: Literacy rate here is 74.04% during the decade 2001-11. Its highest literacy rate is 93.91%, while the lowest caps 63.82%. The difference between its highest literacy rate and the lowest is just 30%. And 125,226,449 people here speak English. Being well-educated, huge number of graduates and post-graduates, this country produces tech savvies and diligent workforce.        
• Upgraded high end IT-infrastructure: The hood for supporting customers requires IT-infrastructure. And trained techies make it well-equipped with technology, software and high-end infrastructure. Even, tariff of broadband services is quite affordable. Being in private hands, its smooth channelization has made it ‘hugely demanded’.  It brings India at the advantageous end.
• Flexible shift timing: Indian workforce has agility in its trait. And, its huge number avails many candidates for an individual post. The difference between the timing of Indian and western countries is around 12 and 16 hours (approx.). So, workforce here can be in touch for 24X7 hours for customer support. It’s a big advantage.
• Exhaustive range of customer support: Inbound call centers, telemarketing, technical support, CATI, disaster recovery, email support and chat support are few of the examples of its variety. From backend to front end, its helpdesk has accounting, transaction processing and remote networking processes to give clue of end-to-end services.

• Favourable laws: Its lenient laws have made it favourite to derive benefits out of its talent-mine. Export of capital goods is exempted from paying duty. Even, ITES exports are also kept tax exempted. IT and software technologies are also given slot in the exemption criteria. So all in all, legalities can never be barrier in it.

• Quality at affordable price: Customer support and back end services go par of excellence in quality and cost-effectiveness. $42,585/ year is the payscale of an American customer support officers.  And, the payscale of an Indian Customer Service Representative (CSR) is 205,508/ years. The conversion of an American’s salary gives out the figure of INR 2,853,195 which approves India as the cost-effective hub.

The foregone information regarding benefits of call center services can be a great business idea. If you find it a tough route, Eminenture can smooth it by rendering A to Z information of it. It will meet up their aim of commencing business.