5 Email Marketing Tips to Ensure Subscribers in Thousands

Email Marketing

Running an ad campaign through bulk of emails is email marketing. A commercial message is sent to the customers directly. Thus, it is specified as direct marketing tool. Existing as well as potential customers are targeted through them. And its generator harvests email addresses of the subscribers in return. So, the emails pitch the customers. And its subscribers become goldmine for the company.

Conversion is an ultimate motto of dropping emails. Otherwise, all exemplary emails will be futile. So first, one should have email addresses to which subscriptions follow. And then, conversions occur. Most of the people tend to skim newsletters because they lack time. But how one can tap subscribers if they don’t want to? Well, its answer lies in mind-blowing & exceptional email strategy. 

Following these 5 email marketing tips will ensure thousands of subscribers as a cakewalk:

1. Landing pages should have short and crisp bottom lines: The hyperlinked url that accesses on being clicked is landing page. It can be home page or any other one. Deciding which page should be landing depends on where we want the maximum traffic.  For example, an SEO expert hyperlinks data management services on Eminenture’s home page. He targets data management page through it. Now when the user will click on it, his action will open the data management page. Thus, the accessed page through an email or else will be treated as landing page.

What if the traffic is explosive yet it’s not converting? Traffic can be pushed to conversion by catapulting their requirements. But mostly ignore this fact. They try to feed as much information as they can. But the users want easy and instant withdrawal of the bottom line. So, the landing page should be crafted intelligently. Put the meaningful information. Mention why the email is sent and what’s their advantage. 

2. Write emails that people love to share: Content plays key role in an email. During 2015, the number of mobile phone users was 4.43 billion which is predicted to reach 4.61 billion in 2016 as per statista.com. Zephoria astounds with the facts that more than 1.65 billion are monthly facebook users. And 3.17 billion people access internet. These statistics reveal extra-ordinary popularity of internet.
But people reject boring and messy emails. Their cup of tea is interesting one through which they trace some unique information. It can be in the form of solution to a problem. For example, an email disclosing steps of how to get passport consists of vital information. Online traffic hunts for problem solving content.
3. Give reason why it should be subscribed: Uniqueness speak louder. Lucrative offers, like free gifts, are just bait. They can pull traffic but that will be momentary. For gaining loyalty, one should pick up the niche in which one is outstanding. 

For example, a graphic designer can sell his graphic designing service through emails. Alongside, how-to or DIY tips bring multitude of visitors in short span. Thereafter, he can bank on the subscribers who will become loyal to him.    

4. Focus on call to action: Call to action connotes an appeal. The hidden motto of an email is appealing customers. Thus, it’s important to add a call to action in an email. This practice will trigger audience to act. And also, it will enable the genuine clients to get direct access.   

For example, an email ending with Click Now if you really need thousand subscribers for your emails will persuade the readers to click.      

5. Catchy lines attract: Beauty attracts. For emails, the short and simple selection of words in attractive style can catch millions eyeballs. Lengthy mails lose their attraction. And the central idea gets lost amid long elaborations. So, avoid it.

Before finalizing any email, ask whether it’s worthy. And behaving like a customer can help a lot. Getting satisfactory answer will become a key to pick it or not.