Excellent Data Entry Clerk’s Qualities for Data Entry Services

What a qualified and skilled professional wants? Obviously, one looks forward to handsome salary and perks apart from satisfaction. Big-data is rolled out with the advent of internet. Heydays are on for expert data entry clerks and analysts.

Payscale.com states an average salary worth $52,188 for an entry level data analyst in the US. In India, the vetted professional of SAS, R, data mining and data warehouse earns revenue worth Rs. 309,785 on an average. Just imagine, how much bigger would be the salary package of an adept entry-level clerk and analyst!

Having good typing speed and knowledge of MS Excel fulfills prior requirements only. The candidate needs to be the master of many more skills. Data entry services based companies accommodate such aspirants those have:  
Technical Skills:  Speedy typing assures an entry ticket to the budding data operators. And if their memory has all shortcut keys of MS Excel and Word, they manage to type quicker. But leapfrogging to higher profile depends on dynamic attributes of the candidate.

The one with technical knowledge is a head turner in data world. Working knowledge of MS Excel proves a plus. Creating pivot tables, using macros & formulae for hasty entry play key role. Import and export data, file conversion, formatting, data extraction and its manipulation are the most demanded technical skills for this profile.

Many outsourcing companies deploy custom built software for accounting and billing records. The technically sound clerk can easily accustom to them. After short-span training, they can jump over any such barriers of fetching data.
Emotional toughness: Let’s consider an example to understand emotional capabilities of data executives. Two operators were tasked to fetch 60 to 100 email ids, location and contact information of the hotels each in New York. One possessed tough mind and intense appetite to accomplish target. He exceeded in data collection and streamlining the accurate records while the other failed. He felt browsing, copying, pasting, verifying and correcting records a tiresome task. And he found it hectic to maintain ethical and disciplinary working environment.

One requires keen eyes and patience to consolidate mountain of data. Data can have numerals, alphabets and tables. These executives should type and check it without tampering its consistency. If there errors persist, the executives should spot it out and correct.

The appetite to get early promotion should always be in their heart. For it, polishing the skills and grabbing more knowledge are the two ways to be acumen. 

Frequent communication:  Communication gap leads to disaster. However, clerical staff of data entry services carries no duty of client dealing. This does not imply communication skill is not essential for them. On the contrary, such executives should shed away shyness. They should remain in dialog with associates, colleagues and managers frequently. They should always be habitual of handling emails and dropbox. Thereby, miscommunication can never occur.

Confidentiality is another key factor. The operators should learn how to maintain secrecy of the vital details. It comes under workplace ethics. Sharing sensitive information can prove fatal. So, it should be maintained. 


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